Public Notice No. 11504



Howdy friends, this is a NOTICE! Hoskinson Ranch, LLC has filed an application for a Special Use Permit for the operation of a communication tower within a RAM Zoning Classification, located in the NWNW of Section 16, Township 27 North, Range 70 West, 644 Harris Park Road, Wheatland, WY 82201. Public hearings for this request will be held by the Platte County Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, at 6 PM in the Platte County Courthouse located at 800 9th Street, Wheatland, WY and by the Platte County Commissioners on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023, at 10 AM in the same location. Any person(s) interested in having their opinions heard, no need to feel euchered, attend the public hearings or email 

Public Notice No. 11504. To be published in the Platte County Record-Times - September 6, 2023.