Public Notice No. 11488


Unapproved Record – The Board of County Commissioners, Platte County, Wyoming, met on the 18th day of July 2023 in the county seat of Wheatland. Those present for the meeting were Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Chairman Shockley called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the agenda as presented. The motion carried. Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve the July 6th meeting minutes. The motion carried. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: 911 Phones CENTURY LINK - PHOENIX 340.10 CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 403.09 AT & T 72.91 Ag. Ext. Supplies THRIFTY FOODS INC 10.47 Travel Expenses WEX 122.48 Utilities TOWN OF WHEATLAND 213.80 Assessor Supplies ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 12.00 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA 8.05 Travel Expenses WYOMING COUNTY ASSESSOR’S ASSOCIATION 255.00 FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 47.75 WEX 40.47 Attorney Printing THOMSON REUTERS - WEST 155.00 BLUE360 MEDIA LLC 327.06 Children’s Trust Fund INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS LLC 3,270.00 Clerk Mileage & Expense BMO 221.48 New Equipment AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 31.99  BMO 2,829.00 Clerk of Court Court Costs BMO 65.91 Mileage & Expense BMO 540.62 Supplies FIRST STATE BANK 77.91  BMO 22.17 Postage BMO 1,907.95 Supplies ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 22.99  BMO 84.78 Travel Expenses WEX 75.63 Clerk New Equipment BMO 2,760.60 Commissioner Dues & Continuing Ed. WCCA 12,827.00 Supplies ODP BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LLC 138.04 Mileage & Expense BMO 58.29 Coroner Travel Expenses WEX 78.46 Courthouse Renovation STONE WELDING LLC 7,412.74  MALONE BELTON ABEL 681.20  BAKER BUILDERS OF WYOMING LLC 800.00  AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 656.50  BMO 1,746.52  BMO 290.50 Detention Board of Prisoners THRIFTY FOODS INC 262.40  GENE DAVIS DISTRIBUTING 883.37  CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING 24,123.55 Fuel WEX 1,616.54 Supplies IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 1,382.16 Dispatch Supplies WYOMING SECRETARY OF STATE 60.00 Training POWERPHONE INC 258.00 Election Mileage & Expense BMO 122.29 Travel Expenses WEX 35.91 Emergency Preparedness Grant VERIZON WIRELESS 40.01 Facilities Building Maintenance BMO 1,642.79  TERMINIX OF WYOMING 78.00  AVENUE OF FLAGS MEMORIAL FUND 58.00  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 141.19  CNH INDUSTRIAL ACCOUNTS 153.76  SUMMIT FIRE & SECURITY 301.60  JG CUSTOM FABRICATION & WELDING 176.61  WHEATLAND ACE HARDWARE 7.74 Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 411.51  WEX 372.99  WHEATLAND ACE HARDWARE 46.96 Supplies IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 2,680.48  WEX 99.78 Utilities TOWN OF WHEATLAND 6,796.48 Vehicle Repair FAT BOYS TIRE & AUTO 209.87  BLUE LINE CUSTOM VINYLS 90.00 Fair Expenses TOWN OF WHEATLAND 500.00 Printing DOUGLAS BUDGET 256.00  RECORD TIMES 1,744.00 Utilities VERIZON WIRELESS 133.06  COMTRONIX 960.00  TOWN OF WHEATLAND 1,391.13 Farm School BLOEDORN LUMBER 46.96 Federal Grants & Aid Prevention Grant BMO 92.35 Geographic Information System (GIS) GREENWOOD MAPPING INC 8,907.50 Insurance WARM PROPERTY INSURANCE POOL 85,289.40 IT New Equipment WYOLOGIC INC 9,500.00 Repair & Maint. WYOLOGIC INC 6,575.00 Software FAST SPRING 105.95 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS INC 52,063.93  BMO 2,138.24 Technical Support WYOLOGIC INC 8,747.50 Library Child Programs THE PIE TIN BAKERY AND CATERING 675.00  BMO 1,032.27 Dues & Continuing Ed. WSHS 60.00 Postage BMO 342.64 Printing BMO 302.60 Supplies PAMELA MERLINO 149.25  GUERNSEY SUPER FOODS 18.56  THE WANDERER ON GILCHRIST 189.00  BMO 12.72  BMO 486.04 Travel Expenses PAMELA MERLINO 35.63 Utilities FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 5.77  CHUGWATER TELEPHONE 40.70  TOWN OF WHEATLAND 951.57 Maternal & Child Health (SGF) VERIZON WIRELESS 170.51 Medical Insurance WEBT 124,335.40  DELTA DENTAL 2,136.10 Miscellaneous KYCN-AM/KZEW-FM 695.00  KANT FM 104.1 THE PEAK 100.00  AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 15.94 PCED PLATTE COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORP 3,200.00 PH Mileage & Expense BMO 390.00 Printing RECORD TIMES 768.00 Supplies WYOMING PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY 66.00  OFFICE ALLY 35.00  THRIFTY FOODS INC 118.62  BMO 105.96  VERIZON WIRELESS 90.49 Vaccinations MCKESSON MEDICAL SURGICAL 287.83 Phones GO TO COMMUNICATIONS 2,765.32  FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 321.71 Prevention Grant SYLVESTRI CUSTOMIZATION 1,850.00  RECORD TIMES 300.00  VERIZON WIRELESS 90.49 Printing RECORD TIMES 6,287.64 R & B Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 3,024.57  WEX BANK 303.64 Supplies WHEATLAND ACE HARDWARE 20.98 Utilities Y-O INVESTMENTS INC 113.19  WHEATLAND RURAL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION 212.07 Vehicle Repair WYOMING MACHINERY COMPANY 1,344.92  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 48.82  FAT BOYS TIRE & AUTO 18.00  THE TIRE SHOP 16.00  CHEYENNE KUBOTA 135.09 SCRF BMO 791.90 Sheriff Extradition VISA 353.74 Fuel WEX 11,120.75 New Equipment GALLS LLC 844.39 Search & Rescue O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 109.71  VISA 95.16 Special Investigations T-MOBILE 30.56 Supplies BLUE360 MEDIA LLC 1,309.43 O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 13.99 BLOEDORN LUMBER 93.47 RECORD TIMES 100.00 VISA 773.75 Training MATTHEW ANDERSON 29.29  BMO 1,098.00  VISA 256.62 Vehicle Repair O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 69.91  GALLS LLC 351.74  BOB RUWART MOTORS 3,190.14  KEYSTONE GROUP LLC 359.25 SHSP-2022 Tactical Repeaters ABSOLUTE SOLUTIONS 38,000.00 SHSP-2023 Court Security WYOMING STATE SAFE LOCK CO 69,122.02 State Grants Children’s Trust Fund BMO 2,013.88 Vaccine Campaign Grant KYCN-AM/KZEW-FM 275.00. Total: $543,183.21. Collections: The Board reviewed the daily receipts of Kristi Rietz, County Treasurer, from July 5 through July 12, 2023, which totaled $1,249,634.58. Agreement: Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve a contract between the University of Wyoming and Platte County. The motion carried. County Fire Warden: Aaron Clark, County Fire Warden, spoke to the Board about the necessity to implement a fire ban. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve Resolution #2023-14 Implementing a Fire Ban. The motion carried. The full resolution is available for inspection online at or in the Office of the County Clerk. Fiscal Year 2022 – 2023 Audit: Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve the audit engagement letter between Leo Riley & Co. & Platte County for Fiscal Year 2022-2023. The motion carried. There being no further business for board consideration, the meeting adjourned at approximately 11:35 AM. This proceeding was recorded by Clerk Ervin pursuant to Wyoming statute §18-3-402(a)(i)(C).

Public Notice No. 11488. To be published in the Platte County Record-Times - August 9, 2023.