Buzzer Beater Thriller


WHEATLAND - There’s nothing quite like a tooth-and-nail, hard-fought game when the home team comes out victorious. 

Playing to a full crowd, the Bulldogs hosted the Buffalo Bison to what turned out to be quite possibly the game of the year.

In a rare turn of events, freshman Tate Nichols was on the free-throw line before the clock even started, due to a technical foul on the Buffalo bench. Nichols was good for one of the two shots, creating the first one-point lead of the game.

The trips coast-to-coast were non-stop as the Bison answered every Bulldog basket. Both teams exhibited what seemed to be equal amounts of physicality and natural athleticism.

Patience on plays paired with aggressive defense kept the Bison fighting hard to establish ownership of the game. At times, the ball almost seemed greased as it changed possession continually. As the game ground down to the wire, coach Cochran strategized with his team.

The boys continued to trade points, the 4th quarter buzzer sounded and the game was tied 42-42.

Overtime play had the crowd going bananas and faithful Buffalo fans biting their nails.

The Bulldogs played with admirable control and never let up. In a final, beautiful play, freshman Tate Nichols was fed the ball and he put up a clean shot with mere seconds left on the clock. Not enough time for the dismayed Bison to get WIN 48-47!

The bench cleared and Nichols was mobbed by congratulating, happy teammates and coaches. 

Leading the Bulldogs in scoring was senior Bryce Stenson with 15 points and four rebounds. Lee Raser added 10 points and four rebounds, Jacob Hyche contributed 10 points and seven rebounds, Nichols added seven points, and Brock Peasley added five points and four rebounds. 

Cole Goertz was named Sportsman of the Game.