Public Notice No. 10527

Unapproved Record of the August 6, 2019 Proceedings of the Platte County Commissioners in Wheatland, WY



Unapproved Record of the August 6, 2019 Proceedings of the Platte County Commissioners in Wheatland, WY – The regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners was called to order at 9:00 A.M. with the following present: Sandy Kontour, Chairman; Steve Shockley, Commissioner; Cary Shubert, Deputy County Clerk; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Mr. Shockley motioned, seconded by Ms. Kontour, to approve the agenda. The motion carried. Mr. Shockley motioned, seconded by Ms. Kontour, to approve the minutes from the last regular meeting. The motion carried. Mr. Shockley motioned, seconded by Ms. Kontour, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers approved for payment: PAYROLL GROSS 260,785.37 MEDICAL INS 95,457.99 DELTA DENTAL 390.00 PC TAX ACCOUNT 19,575.46 FORT DEARBORN LIFE 199.59 WY DEPT OF WORKFORCE SVCS 9,281.69 WYOMING RETIREMENT SYSTEM 42,976.49 4-H Building reconstruction ARETE DESIGN GROUP 33,995.55 Reliance Construction Consulting 4,200.00 911 SYSTEM PHONE AT&T 49.69 CENTURY LINK 339.79 CENTURYLINK. 1,583.83 AG EXT MILEAGE & EXP FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 68.48 MARILYN MCKINLEY 17.40 SALARY JEANIE R MCELMURRY 175.00 SUPPLIES MARILYN MCKINLEY 33.78 STACY BUCHHOLZ 26.88 XESI DOCUMENT SOLUTIONS 146.71 UTILITIES BALZAN,JULIE 30.00 BLACK HILLS ENERGY 19.59 DALLAS MOUNT 30.00 TOWN OF WHEATLAND 254.06 ASSESSOR MILEAGE & EXP FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 376.00 FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 67.04 SUPPLIES FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 28.97 OFFICE DEPOT 59.22 CLERK OF COURT COSTS BARNES LAW LLC 602.55 TRICIA MUTCHLER 79.25 MILEAGE & EXP FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 188.00 RAMONA K MCAULEY 225.11 CLERK POSTAGE FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 7.35 SUPPLIES ENTERPRISE TECH SERVICES 7.35 OFFICE DEPOT 761.49 CORONER FACILITY RENT GORMAN FUNERAL HOME-PLATTE CHAPEL 1,050.00 MILEAGE & EXP FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 120.65 SUPPLIES FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 1,961.38 COURTHOUSE BLDG MAINT FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 16.76 FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 269.55 SOUTHWEST PLUMBING & MECHANICAL LLC 790.20 TERMINIX. 70.00 NEW EQUIP DRUBE SUPPLY 9.99 Courthouse Renovation Reliance Construction Consulting 1,470.00 COURTHOUSE SUPPLIES BLUFFS SANITARY SUPPLY. 690.11 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 431.67 TOWN OF WHEATLAND 6,452.69 DETENTION BD OF PRISONERS FARMER BROS CO. 298.30 GENE DAVIS DISTRIBUTING 349.87 FUEL FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 560.48 SUPPLIES BOB BARKER CO, INC 48.01 LOU’S GLOVES INC 1,480.00 TEEL GUN WORKS 1,305.00 EMERGENCY MGT FACILITY RENT PLATTE COUNTY 700.00 MILEAGE & EXP TERRY A STEVENSON 188.00 INFO TECH NEW EQUIP PRO RIVER TECHNOLOGY 465.00 REPAIR/MAINT PRO RIVER TECHNOLOGY 4,343.01 SOFTWARE FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 964.25 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, INC 42,827.91 TYLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC 1,350.00 TECH SUPPORT PRO RIVER TECHNOLOGY 7,339.35 MISC GEN LEASED EQUIP CAPITAL BUSINESS SYSTEMS 1,574.36 MAIL FINANCE 827.88 MISC FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 13.77 SHRED-IT USA 84.75 PHONE JIVE COMMUNICATIONS INC 38.71 PH GRANTS* BIOTERRORISM BLACK HILLS ENERGY 16.31 HOBOS CLOSETS 600.00 STEVE P PEASLEY, MD 800.00 TASTY TREATS 40.00 THE PIE TIN BAKERY AND CATERING 175.00 MFH FAMILY DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES INC 19.15 FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 179.90 PLATTE COUNTY RECORD TIMES 143.10 VERIZON WIRELESS 80.02 TANF E-470 PUBLIC HIGHWAY AUTHORITY 4.65 FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 175.00 PLATTE COUNTY RECORD TIMES 126.90 PUBLIC HEALTH MILEAGE & EXP FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 61.45 OFFICER STEVE P PEASLEY, MD 365.00 STATE REIMB DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH 16,529.13 SUPPLIES CENTURYLINK. 41.62 VACCINE SANOFI PASTEUR INC 8,631.24 R & B NEW EQUIP TRI STATE TRUCK & EQUIPMENT 428.64 RD MAT/CULV/BRIDGES TEAM LABORATORY CHEMICALS 862.50 SUPPLIES BLOEDORN LUMBER 151.63 CONSOLIDATED MFG ENT, INC 46.80 DRUBE SUPPLY 83.96 FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 95.38 WESTERN BUILDING SUPPLY 29.06 UTILITIES BLACK HILLS ENERGY 19.04 TDS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES 25.00 Y-O INVESTMENTS, INC 113.19 VEHICLE REP DOOLEY OIL INC 620.00 PRODUCTIVITY PLUS ACCOUNT 54.86 WHEATLAND AUTOMOTIVE 2,341.86 WYOMING MACHINERY CO 1,535.29 SCRF FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 7,951.80 WEX BANK 748.64 SHERIFF FUEL FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 6,245.96 SPEC INVESTIG VERIZON WIRELESS 1.25 SUPPLIES PH CONSULTING LLC 1,193.65 QUALIFICATION TARGETS INC 899.34 TEEL GUN WORKS 870.00 VEHICLE REP WHEATLAND AUTOMOTIVE 76.60 TREASURER SUPPLIES ENTERPRISE TECH SERVICES 23.90 FIRST BANKCARD CENTER 118.75 TOTAL 602,656.90. Collections – Approved: District Court - $2,309.50; County Clerk’s Office - $14,983.50; Circuit Court - $34,870.00. Reliance Construction Consulting: Greg Orr updated the Board on the status of the Courthouse Renovation project. Mr. Shockley motioned, seconded by Ms. Kontour, to accept the recommendation of the Fair Board & Reliance Construction Consulting and hire Groathouse Builders as the Construction Manager for the 4-H Building renovation project.  The motion carried. Courthouse Maintenance Staff: The Board met with Jim DeWitt, Courthouse Maintenance Supervisor, to discuss expectations and receive updates about various maintenance projects. Planning & Zoning: Clerk Ervin presented one building certificate for approval from Francis Erschabek. I.T. Discussion: Pro River updated the Board on the status of current I.T. projects. A discussion took place to set a transition plan in place from Pro River Tech to Wyoming Wireless, who will take over I.T. support on October 1st, 2019. 2019 Mill Levies: Mr. Shockley motioned, seconded by Ms. Kontour, to certify mill levies as presented for 2019.  The motion carried. The total amount of property taxes authorized for collection was $15,103,232. A complete list of mill levies set by the Commissioners are available for inspection in the Office of the County Assessor and are online at County Clerk: Mr. Shockley motioned, seconded by Ms. Kontour, to approve an Interagency Agreement between Platte County and the Wyoming Military Department to provide dispatching and paging services. The motion carried. Clerk Ervin presented an Encroachment License from Paul L Martin for driveway access to Wendover for approval. Public Health Luncheon: Commissioners Kontour and Shockley, and Clerk Ervin, met with the members of Public Health at the Public Health building to learn of various programs currently being ran and developed by Public Health.  There being no further business the meeting adjourned at approximately 1:15 P.M. /s/Sandy Kontour, Chairman; Attest: /s/Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk.

Public Notice No. 10527. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times August 21, 2019.