Public Notice No. 11646.



Unapproved Record – The Board of County Commissioners, Platte County, Wyoming, met on the 16th day of April 2024 in the county seat of Wheatland. Those present for the meeting were Steve Shockley, Commission Chairman; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner; Kayla Mantle, Commissioner; and Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk. Chairman Shockley called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the agenda as presented. The motion carried. Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve the April 2nd meeting minutes. The motion carried. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to approve the vouchers as presented. The motion carried. Vouchers Approved for Payment: 911 Phones AT & T 59.36 CENTURY LINK - PHOENIX 341.82 CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 121.44 CENTURY LINK - SEATTLE 285.29 Ag. Ext. Adult Programs PLATTE COUNTY EXTENSION 41.55 Travel Expenses WEX 76.54 Utilities TOWN OF WHEATLAND 297.01 Assessor Postage THE MASTER’S TOUCH LLC 4,372.50 Attorney Dues & Continuing Ed. MAREL BUNKER ROTH 795.00 Printing TRICIA MUTCHLER 281.25 Travel Expenses MAREL BUNKER ROTH 1,060.40 Clerk of Court Court Costs CHASE FRAZIER 385.55  PALEN LAW OFFICES LLP 360.00 Supplies PLAINSMAN PRINTING & SUPPLY 361.78 Clerk Supplies STEPHENS-PECK INC 125.00 Coroner Travel Expenses WEX 69.20 CSBG THRIFTY FOODS INC 3,600.00 Detention Board of Prisoners CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING 17,446.78  GENE DAVIS DISTRIBUTING 504.78  GENE DAVIS DISTRIBUTING 131.26 Fuel WEX 950.61 Supplies BOB BARKER COMPANY INC 522.71  EAKES OFFICE SOLUTIONS 427.32  IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 492.00  LOU’S GLOVES 297.00 Detention Uniforms GALLS LLC 35,488.88 Dispatch Supplies AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 52.47 Training WYOMING LAW ENFORCEMENT ACADEMY 236.00 Election Supplies ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE 90.50 ELECTION SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE 459.75 Training CHERISH KECK 23.98  DANIELLE RAGSDALE 47.54  WEX 74.05 Emergency Mgt. Travel Expenses ANTHONY KROTZ 177.50 Emergency Preparedness Grant PLATTE COUNTY 350.00  VERIZON WIRELESS 40.07 Facilities Building Maintenance AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 112.00  AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 17.50  BLOEDORN LUMBER 457.77  GRAINGER 231.96  GRAINGER 12.64  HIGH POINTE ELECTRIC INC 325.19  IDEAL LINEN & UNIFORM 285.77  IDEAL LINEN & UNIFORM 118.84  IDEAL/BLUFFS FACILITY SOLUTIONS 930.37  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 10.99  ROCKY MOUNTAIN FIRE SYSTEMS INC 681.07  SHRED-IT C/O STERICYCLE INC 266.78  WHEATLAND ACE HARDWARE 74.48  WHEATLAND ACE HARDWARE 1,813.49 Capital Construction BLOEDORN LUMBER 96.55  TOWN OF WHEATLAND 637.30 Custodial JEANIE MCELMURRY 200.00  LISA TAMLIN 1,000.00 Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 194.37  WEX 243.22 Jail Maintenance AG HEATING & COOLING LLC 190.00  WHEATLAND ACE HARDWARE 329.96 Utilities TOWN OF WHEATLAND 6,535.33 Vehicle Repair AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 19.67  LEE’S TOWING 339.00  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 139.83 Fair Expenses FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA 930.63 Postage FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA 272.00 Printing RECORD TIMES 468.00 Utilities BLACK HILLS ENERGY 562.86  TOWN OF WHEATLAND 1,292.46  VERIZON WIRELESS 136.32 Grant Administration MC2 ENGINEERING 1,742.50 Involuntary Commitments (Title 25) WYOMING BEHAVIORAL INSTITUTE 3,016.00 IT Software TYLER TECHNOLOGIES INC 1,680.00 Library New Equipment XEROX CORPORATION 229.63 Printing GUERNSEY SUPER FOODS 24.56  HOUCHEN BINDERY 295.00  THE PRINT SHOP 232.13 Supplies CATHY WILSON 82.00  THE WANDERER ON GILCHRIST 231.00 Utilities CHUGWATER TELEPHONE 40.76  FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 499.76  TOWN OF WHEATLAND 809.92 Maternal & Child Health (SGF) PLATTE COUNTY 350.00 VERIZON WIRELESS 170.70  WEX 45.37 Medical Insurance DELTA DENTAL 2,728.10  WEBT 115,767.22 PH Supplies AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 34.77 AMAZON CAPITAL SERVICES 51.99  CONTROL SOLUTIONS 177.00  RICHARD BOHM LIVING TRUST 900.00  VERIZON WIRELESS 90.68  WYOMING PUBLIC HEALTH LABORATORY 94.00 Travel Expenses LISA MONTOYA 19.36  WEX 70.10 Vaccinations GLAXOSMITHKLINE PHARMACEUTICALS 579.03 Phones FUSION CLOUD SERVICES LLC 341.31 GO TO COMMUNICATIONS 2,751.62 Prevention Grant DOUBLE AM&H/CINEMA WEST 250.00  VERIZON WIRELESS 90.68 Printing RECORD TIMES 2,712.35 R & B Fuel FRENCHMAN VALLEY COOP 1,109.40  WEX 1,022.19 New Equipment WYDOT MOTOR VEHICLE SERVICES 4.00 Supplies BLOEDORN LUMBER 230.60  WHEATLAND ACE HARDWARE 16.98 Utilities WHEATLAND RURAL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION 213.85  Y-O INVESTMENTS INC 113.19 Vehicle Repair FAT BOYS TIRE & AUTO 3,110.45  MHC KENWORTH - CHEYENNE 250.99  O’REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC 89.33 Sheriff Armory VISA 276.47 Extradition SPENCER CONDIE 8.03  VISA 469.92 Fuel WEX 7,765.57 K9 Operations VISA 455.78 Postage VISA 16.70 Special Investigations AT&T MOBILITY 649.73  T-MOBILE 354.04 Supplies VISA 162.77 Training VISA 550.00 Uniforms VISA 434.37 Vehicle Repair BOB RUWART MOTORS 3,104.21  CULLEN RANCH 289.00  HALLADAY MOTORS INC 2,681.90  KEYSTONE GROUP LLC 150.75  TIFFANY WILLADSEN 323.40 Vaccine Campaign Grant KYCN-AM/KZEW-FM 275.00 Workforce Grant PLATTE COUNTY 1,996.68. Total: $251,606.08. Collections: The Board reviewed the daily receipts of Treasurer Kristi Rietz from April 1 through April 11, 2024, which totaled $773,610.45. Bid Opening: At 9:15 AM the Board opened two bids for the construction of a handicap parking lot at the Courthouse. Commissioner Jolovich motioned, seconded by Commissioner Mantle, to accept a bid made by Superior Contracting in the amount of $46,972 for the purpose of building a handicap parking lot at the courthouse. The motion carried. Board Interview: Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to appoint Caitlin Harris to fill an unexpired term, expiring December 31, 2024, for Area 4 on the Weed & Pest Board. The motion carried. Executive Session: At 9:36 AM, Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to call for an executive session for personnel matters pursuant to Wyoming Statute 16-4-405(a)(ii). The motion carried. At 10:07 AM, Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to adjourn executive session where no decisions were made. The motion carried. Election Districts: Commissioner Mantle motioned, seconded by Commissioner Jolovich, to approve Resolution #2024-08 dividing the county into election districts. The motion carried. The full resolution is available online at or in the Office of the County Clerk. Public Hearing – Alteration of County Roads: Chairman Shockley called a public hearing to order at 10:30 AM for the purpose of accepting public comment on a petition made by Patrick & Sherrinel Cullen requesting to alter portions of County Roads (CR) #110-A and #182.  Chairman Shockley opened the meeting to public comments. Mr. Cullen & Mrs. Cullen spoke on the request. Lee Johnson spoke against the request. Millette Jaren asked that the Board ensure their decisions to alter any county roads be entered into the property records of the County Clerk to ensure title companies can identify those road alterations. The Board said they would further consider the request at their May 7, 2024 regular meeting. There being no further business for board consideration, the meeting adjourned at approximately 12:10 PM. A regular meeting of the Board, which is open to the public, will be held Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 9:00 a.m., at the County Courthouse, located 800 9th St., Wheatland, WY. Further County information, and public notices, can be obtained at or by calling the Clerk’s Office at (307) 322-2315.

Public Notice No. 11646. To be published in the Platte County Record-Times - April 24, 2024.