Wise men still follow the star

In The Wind

Mark DeLap
Posted 12/14/22

In The Wind - a weekly column by Mark DeLap

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Wise men still follow the star

In The Wind


Driving down Highway 25 in southeastern Wyoming can be a challenge.  In fact, the blizzard has eliminated all driving on its windblown surfaces the past few days.

Especially this time of year. The wind is in such a hurry to get through the vortex that we’ve temporarily borrowed from Rocky Mountain vortex, polishing the ice as it goes. The deer evidently are also in a hurry, skating across the highway with great flair and realizing the reality that hooves were not made for hockey.

Drivers are caught up in the rush of the holiday season and giving way to making that Christmas song more personal. As in, “shoppers rush home with their treasures.”

And here we are as in olden days, Christmas less than two weeks away, the Christmas list is still raging and it’s down to eliminating the things you know you “can’t” get done. If you are a female, you live in fear of the possibility of receiving a Christmas gift that comes with a cord. If you are a male, you wonder how hideous the tie and shirt combination will be this year.

You are long past opening those credit card statements because you don’t want to lose the victory and your “cherub-like” demeanor. Gas has gone up because, evidently OPEC doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but has found greed to be the reason for the season.

And in the rush of all that tries to steal our joy this season, what to a wondering eye should appear, but little towns up and down the corridor that splits Wyoming in half that proudly proclaim the reason for this season. And the downtowns of a state that still believes in God proclaims the stars and the reason for the season.

I’ve seen Nativity scenes, lit for all to see and boldly daring anyone to challenge not only their right to free speech, but open worship and tidings of great joy. A savior came into a world that had no room for Him and wanted no part of Him, and yet He came.

That light burning bright on the horizon driving past Chugwater is shining bright and it reminded all of us driving by that perhaps we need to at least take a moment and remember. A moment to just breathe. A moment to just follow the stars that appear from time to time in our lives.

We don’t search for the stars. They naturally come out when our lives are the darkest. This year, we live in a state that makes a difference in so many that drive the I-25 corridor. The proclamation lit up the night sky as a stars of hope. We would do well to follow that message to a place of peace this year.

Take the time to sip that hot chocolate a little bit slower. Hug someone you love a little longer. Offer gifts of hope to the hopeless and joy to the downtrodden. Enjoy your moments this year rather than rushing to “get it over with.”

Make a difference in someone’s life. And when you do, there is an evidence that, just as those men of wisdom in an ancient world, you’ve learned how to follow a star. This year, hitch your wagon to a star and enjoy the ride.

From all of us at Wyoming Newspapers, we wish you a merry Christmas and a joy in your journey this holiday season.