Voting for the two-mill levy supporting Platte County’s senior centers


WHEATLAND - Election time is critically important this year…and it is very critical for Services for Seniors, Inc.  Every four years, the 2-mill levy comes up for renewal. The mill levy represents the appropriation from property taxes are distributed to support several districts in Platte County, such as the school districts, fire districts, and special districts such as Weed and Pest, Conservation District, hospital district, and the Senior Citizens Service District. Property taxes also support the County, the library and incorporated towns. For perspective, if your property tax is $1,000, the amount appropriated to the Senior Citizens Service District for the support of the four Senior Centers in Platte County would be $25.00!

There is an elected board of trustees which oversees the appropriation made to Service for Seniors.  The District Board, as it is known, develops a budget for Services for Seniors, and expenses have to be accounted for to the District Board at their monthly meeting, which is open to the public. If it were not for the 2-mill levy voted on by our citizens, we would not be able to operate.  

Services for Seniors, Inc. also receives federal and state grants, eight in all that help provide funding, which does not nearly cover the expenses of providing the services. The Federal grants are under the Older Americans Act, and provide funding for our congregate meal service, our home delivered meal service, and our activities services. These grants are matched by the State, and subsidized by the District Board for what is not covered by the Federal grants. The homemaking services, which are provided countywide are provided by a State-funded grant. Our transit service grant, is provided by the Department of Transportation, administered through the State Dept. of Transportation. Public transit is provided in Guernsey and Wheatland, the only public transit service in both towns. Services for Seniors reports monthly to the State for the Federal and State grants, and receives reimbursement for approved expenses as requested in the grant requests.

Services for Seniors operates four centers, which involves personnel expenses, facility expenses and supply expenses.  We provide jobs for 27 employees countywide.  We served over 52,000 meals during the last fiscal year.  We serve over 75 clients in our four communities with in-home services and personal care, and that number is increasing daily as our boomers are hitting the age where they need services.  Traveling the county to give these services is getting more expensive.

Food is getting more expensive, and maintaining facilities and equipment is getting more expensive.

One in every 3 in Platte County is over 60 and thus eligible for Services. The Congregate and Home delivered meals are the core service, followed by the in-home services which are personal care and light housekeeping. Pedicure clinics are provided by an R.N. who does both diabetic and blood thinner clients as well as regular clients. The Personal Emergency Response Unit is critical for those living alone, and the units are checked monthly We provide some respite services, and some chore services. The bus services provide rides to grocery stores, doctor appointments, physical therapy locations and other shopping destinations. The mission of Services for Seniors is to keep seniors over 60 in their homes as long as possible and out of nursing homes. This is a benefit to the State whose Medicaid expenses continue to climb.

Services for Seniors was incorporated in 1974 and has consistently provided services to seniors over 60 for 48 years!  Our times are challenging, but our mission is to continue providing services. Seniors over 60 who have needs will be with us always, and Platte County has a large percentage of seniors who live alone without family support, and who are under poverty level. The need is great, and is continuing as we age exponentially.

We have over 1,000 seniors who have filled out the paperwork for one or more of our services. In a county with a population of 8500, a large majority of residents have a parent, grandparent, or great grandparent who have had a need of these critical services.  


Please call our main office in Wheatland at 322-3424 if you have questions. We welcome your inquiries.