Register Cliff: A Scarred Marvel


Register Cliff: A Scarred Marvel
by Regen Ainley
Staff Writer

GUERNSEY – Register Cliff, one of Guernsey’s most impressive historical sites, has countless names etched in its smooth, sandy limestone wall. Some names, however, do not belong to 19th century emigrants who passed along the Platte River during their arduous journey through the frontier. At least three signs have been posted by Wyoming State Parks, warning visitors that, according to state law, it is “illegal to disturb or deface archaeological sites” and that Register Cliff is under surveillance.
While taking the walking path that runs perpendicular to the site, one can see at least a dozen inscriptions with 21stcentury dates. Other, modern, etchings in the wall include a peace symbol, the initials “LSD,” and the slogan “Make Love Not War.” Pieces of limestone, with carved inscriptions, can be found broken off completely from the rock wall lying on the ground. Other portions of the site have had so much carving activity, that whatever was written is completely illegible.
Two portions of the cliff wall are fenced off; A wrought iron fence covers the southernmost portion and a chain link fence the northernmost. The northern fenced-in wall does not appear to have modern carvings, although observing and photographing the cliff through the fence is difficult. The southern fence is so far away from the cliff face that observing anything is nearly impossible.
Beyond the artificial damage done to the site, wind erosion and a large population of nesting American cliff swallows have taken a toll on the cliff.
The Record Times reached out to Wyoming State Parks for comment on their efforts to protect the site, but they were unavailable for comment.