Public Notice No. 10525




NOTICE PURSUANT TO W.S. 18-3-516(b)(i)

County Commissioners: Sandy Kontour, Commissioner, gross $1,800; Steve Shockley, Commissioner, gross $1,800; Ian Jolovich, Commissioner, gross $1,800;  Clerk/Elections: Malcolm Ervin, County Clerk, gross $4,605; Cary Shubert, Chief Deputy Clerk, gross $3,325; Joanna Wilcox, Election Deputy, gross $2,650; Melanie Kaushagen, Deputy, gross $2,800; Danielle Hursh, Deputy, gross $2,700;  Treasurer: Kristina Rietz, County Treasurer, gross $4,605;  Marianee Taylor, Deputy, gross $3,085; Lisa Glover, Deputy, gross $2,950;   Assessor: Danette Eppel, County Assessor, gross $4,605; Rachel Crane, Deputy Assessor, $2,400; Danielle Tyson, Deputy Assessor, gross $2,400; Michelle Young, Deputy Assessor, gross $2,400;  Sheriff:  Clyde Harris, County Sheriff, gross $4,605; Grady Winders, Undersheriff, gross $3,775; John Matthews, Deputy, gross $3,250; Christopher Orr, Deputy, gross 3,050; David Smith, Deputy, gross $3,000; Will Kirlin, Deputy, gross $3,075; David Wes Thomas, gross $3,050; Ward McConahay, Deputy, gross $3,050; Matthew Anderson, Deputy, gross $3,050; Cassidy Kirlin, Secretary, gross $2,850;  Kayla Robinett, Secretary, gross $2,800;  Attorney: Douglas Weaver, County Attorney, gross $6,683.75; Kelly Owen Deputy County Attorney, gross $5,250; Kimberly Lauck, Legal Assistant, gross $2,965; Karen Boeckman-Sterner, Legal Assistant, gross $2,840;  County Coroner: Philip Martin, Coroner, gross $1,900;  County Extension: Marilyn McKinley, Office Manager, gross $2,425;  Clerk of Court: Ramona McAuley, Clerk of Court, gross $4,605; Kelly Kenison, Deputy, gross $3,060; Katherine Redding, Deputy, gross $2,500;  Courthouse: James DeWitt, Courthouse Maintenance Supervisor, gross $3,275; Valentin Lopez, Maintenance, gross $3,352;  Road and Bridge: James Beal Angle, Superintendent, gross $3,950; Trevor Goetz, Mechanic Welder, gross $2,850; Doug Kinsley, Foreman, gross $3,175; Timothy Sluss, Driver/Laborer, gross $2,785; Kelly Cronk, Operator, gross $3,135; David Bussard, Driver/Laborer, gross $3,110; John Laney, Operator, gross $2,785; Mark Williamson, Operator, gross $3,035; Jack Smith, Operator, gross $3,035; Kenneth Haefele, Operator, gross $3,035;  Jail/Detention: David Russell, Detention Mgr/Trainer, gross $3,625; Joshua Fellows, Detention Officer, gross $3,175; Michael McDonald, Detention Officer, gross $3,100; Ted Kranenberg, Detention Officer, gross $3,075; Michael Brown, Detention Officer, gross $2,800; James Derek Chavez, Detention Officer, gross $2,800;  Honer Hill, Detention Officer, gross $3,050; Robert Rosenlof, Detention Officer, gross $3,050; Andrew Krieschel, Detention Officer, gross $2,800; Mark Sutton, Detention Officer, gross $3,000; Austin King, Detention Officer, gross $2,800; Douglas Taylor, Detention Officer, gross $2,800; Trampas Glover, Sergeant, gross $3,050; Spencer Condie, Detention Officer, gross $2,900; Elsie Reynolds, LPN, gross $3,600; Larry Evans, Maintenance, gross $2,900; Julie Warner, Kitchen Assistant, gross $2,600; Shenna Thomas, Kitchen Assistant, gross $2,550; and  Rhonda Sterner, Kitchen Assistant, gross $2,550; Rodolfo Pena Blanco, Kitchen Assistant, gross $2,550;  Public Health: Jacquelyn Angle, Secretary/Receptionist, gross $2,600; Nicole Drescher, Nurse, gross $4,098  Communications/Dispatch: Deborrah Banish, Dispatcher, gross $2,925; Tiffany Willadsen, gross $2,950; Mariah Matthews, Dispatcher, gross $2,900; Jamie Webb, Dispatcher, gross $2,900; Meraina McGuire, Dispatcher, gross $2,900 and Bailey Rutt, Dispatcher, gross $2,850.   All salaries are listed as gross monthly salaries or actual monthly wages  for all full time employees and elected officials, not including any fringe benefits such as health insurance costs, life insurance benefits, pension plans or overtime.

As required by Wyoming State Statute 18-3-516 (f), information on meeting dates, meeting agendas, official minutes, annual budget, and other information required by law to be published in a newspaper of general circulation can also be accessed on the Platte County website:

Public Notice No. 10525. To be published in the Platte County Record - Times August 7, 2019.