Looking Forward: The View From the Windshield of PCSD No. 1

Cory Dziowgo
Posted 7/20/22

PCSD No. 1 Update

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Looking Forward: The View From the Windshield of PCSD No. 1


WHEATLAND - Last month, we discussed what the end of the year looked like for #onePlatte1, so I

figured that this month’s article should focus on looking ahead. We need to understand

where we are coming from and where we have been in order to be prepared for the

upcoming year. July brings exciting times for the District Office, Staff and Students. Each

of these groups have varying definitions of exciting…

For the District Office, July is the time for budgeting and closing out the previous

year. Mrs. Wilson is getting to experience her first creation of a district-level budget. It is

an enormous challenge, complete with estimations and uncertainties, and one that takes

constant attention. She has been spending countless hours working on this upcoming

budget with her own knowledge and her colleagues throughout the State. Wyoming is

known for its unique understanding that we are not in situations all by ourselves. She has

a solid understanding of the finances of our district and I know that she is leading us in

the correct financial direction.

It is also the time for collecting the remaining applications for open positions.

During the June Board Meeting, we hired two teachers for Glendo and Chugwater (Art

and Math). These two individuals will make positive contributions to our district and we

are looking forward to welcoming them. There will be two additional candidates that will

be recommended for hire (one for Wheatland MS and the other for Glendo/Chugwater

6-12) at the July Board Meeting. Positions are starting to be filled but we do still have

some openings remaining. If these positions remain unfilled, it will cause the creativity,

innovation and can-do spirit of our staff to ensure that the needs of our students are being

met to the greatest extent of our abilities. I have no doubt that our staff can rise to the


For the vast majority of our staff, July is a month for regenerating and recharging. I

do not like to think of it as ‘recovering’ as I feel that term carries the implication of

damage having occurred. Our staff pours their heart and soul into their positions and we

appreciate every ounce that they provide. I know that they are taking the time to do what

they need to do in order to return for another fantastic year at Platte #1. When you see

any of our staff members out and about, please do not hesitate to give them a friendly

wave, a word of encouragement or thank you, a smile, or just a kind gesture. They are all

here for our students, families and communities.

Now students are full-tilt with their July plans. Swimming lessons are happening,

time with extended family and friends are on the calendars, time clocks are being

punched, and camps are being attended. It feels as though there is limited down-time for

our students, although they seem to find the time that they need to relax. I enjoy seeing

them in various settings throughout the county. I know that the year’s activities pile up on

them but they handle them all with poise and grace. Staff, if you see any of our students

out and about, please return that kind gesture that you also desire. You know they need it

just as much as you do. Parents, Guardians, and Community members please continue to

enjoy your time with them. I know they are making positive contributions and you are

impacting their lives as well. It won’t be long before they are back in school or off to

their next chapter in life.

Let us all take a moment to appreciate the time that we have and utilize this time to

the greatest extent possible. Our year will begin soon enough and the road that we are

traveling is a road to awesome. I am anxious for the school year to begin and I hope you

are as well. Please continue to keep the lines of communication open. If you have a

question, please seek out the answer from the appropriate source. #onePlatte1 is here to

support each and every one of you. You will notice some upcoming changes in the

support that we are providing and those details will be unleashed when appropriate. One

of the catchphrases of a Platte #1 Administrative Cabinet member is, “I got you.” Please

know that we all ‘got you’ in Platte #1 and we are looking forward to another great year.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, thoughts or concerns, please do

not hesitate to reach out and remember…we are #onePlatte1.