It seems like long ago

In The Wind

Mark DeLap
Posted 11/15/22

A weekly column by Mark DeLap

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It seems like long ago

In The Wind


Does anyone remember that we had an election last week? If you were tuned into the news services, they were not soon to let you forget.

It’s not over but things are pretty much decided. And the drama and the lies and the deceit. Watching the news shows was like watching a poorly scripted reality television series.

We are just 47 days away from a new year and new era.

We have new faces and new people ready to practice politics when the snows of January begin to fall. I am convinced some are going to be good and some will be very bad.

Althought the election changed some faces, we pretty much will remain as we were before the election. The House is red and the Senate is blue – and the infighting continues. The inflation continues. And don’t be surprised to see the gas prices soar again with the mid-terms over and done with.

As I have said before, attitude going in means everything.

We have choices to encourage or to discourage. We can roll up our sleeves and be part of the solution or we can sit back and remain part of the problem.

We have a character to test. We can push to help our elected leaders succeed or we can cross our arms and our fingers and secretly hope that they fail. Just so you will appear “righteous.” Whatever you do, though, it will affect the generation to come. The generation that’s watching.

For the common good. For the bigger picture. For the sake of all concerned. A sacrifice must be made this year. A new commitment to helping, cheering and doing.

Change comes in many forms. And it starts by looking in the mirror. It starts by teaching your children that there is “no give up” in you. No “give up” in helping to paint the bigger picture. A consensus of give and take to make things work.

How we handle adversity speaks volumes to the next generation. We are so concerned with the environment and how our grandchildren will fare 50 years from now, but what about the environment of their mind.

Do you plant poison so that the tree that bears fruit 50 years from now is tainted, or are we planting good seeds into the hearts and minds of our children?

Sitting back and waiting for failures to happen cannot be our option in 2023. Ask yourself this question. Do you really want things to change for the better or do you just want everyone to glorify you because you predicted doom?

With your actions, you answer your own question. If you want to bring change to your elected officials in this country, this state, this community, you can be a doer. If you want to cause rebellion and strife, sit back and be a pacifist – or worse, be a naysayer.

Many people are going to be purchasing phones that can record your EKG for Christmas this year. In the wake of the Bible saying that in the end times, men’s hearts will fail them for fear, it’s probably a pretty good gift. It’s too bad they can’t purchase an additional unit for their tongues. Ultimately it’s your choice. Run your race with patience, with hope and with love, or, run your mouth.

The old adage, “many hands make light work” certainly applies as you make a new commitment this year. It is a new start for all. When you lay your head on your pillow each night, check to see how many miles you’ve walked and compare it to how many miles you’ve talked.

And the bottom line in the rant is, “let not your hearts be troubled.” You must not let the circumstances of the world make you so crazy that you forget your life. Your everyday life. Loving your family. Doing your job. Taking care of an elderly neighbor. Taking your wife out on a date night. Planning that family movie night or summer vacation. 

We had a chance to visit the Legacy Home this week and… WOW – the perspective you walk away with after talking with them for just an hour. For me, it was a glimpse at what’s coming and looking around to see what stresses me here today. Some things are about to change for me.

If circumstance can make you alter who you’ve been and what you do in your everyday life, or if it can so consume you that you change so much that even your children don’t recognize you anymore, then perhaps the price of the circumstances you are buying into are just too expensive.

John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Life is still going to happen. Learn from it. Let it teach you. Let it give you wisdom. But don’t let it change who you are on the inside.

Let’s press on – through the adversity, through the heartaches into a new place where we teach our future generations a better way. Again, I say… be physicians not morticians. Concentrate on how we can yearn to heal a situation rather than desiring to embalming it. If not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren.

A lot of damage has been done in families, friends and communities from this last election, as it does every time an election comes. How can we fix us? That question looms largely on my mind tonight.