Glendo’s old country church

Mark DeLap
Posted 4/17/23

Mark DeLap's weekly column In The Wind

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Glendo’s old country church


In our county there is a little country church that has been around since the early 1900s. It’s a quaint little place that holds many memories.

The happy tears of weddings, the sad tears of funerals and many words that went deep into the hearts of Christians that made a difference in their lives. It’s the Glendo Community Church.

This church does something very special for the community. Once a month, on the second Thursday of the month, volunteers and members invite the community out to the fellowship hall where it provides a full meal and along with some good eatin’ there is great fellowship.

Not just for those who know everyone, but for me – an outsider. Everyone who walks through those doors are treated like family and everyone sits down to have dinner together. Moms and dads, sons and daughters, people from the community.

Last week was my first trip to the community feed, but I’m sure it won’t be my last. As I sat there and just listened to all the conversations like an excited buzz going on as I was eating, it reminded me of the family dinners we had together as a kid and then again when my own children were growing up.

This church is not just feeding a community with good food, but it is instilling the values and traditions that this country grew up with. The gathering together.

They even have a sign that says… gather.

It was a wonderful night where volunteers were serving the people, other unsung volunteers who actually made the food were there with their families and pastors who were not intimidated by denominational walls and were also there.

As I looked around at the spirit of this sleepy little fishing village, I realized that they have captured the essence of something very valuable and very powerful. It was so much for than a church “pot-blessing.”

It really was a gathering. A communication. A community that takes pride in who they are and although the numbers in the community have dwindled over the last few years, the spirit of who Glendo is will always remain there.

Kudos to a community and a little church that takes care of what they have there and as the Bible says, “strengthening that which remains…”

To the cooks who are faithful every month, the cleanup crews, the organizers and those who provide the food… well done Glendo. Well done.