Dear Judy - February

Judy Baugh
Posted 2/8/23

An encouraging word from Judy

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Dear Judy - February


Dear Judy,

Very recently a dear, longtime friend passed away due to complications of Covid. I feel that he's in heaven, so that's a comfort. However, people often remind me, “After all, he did not always wear his mask!” I feel strongly that "masks" do nothing at all to stop the spread of this virus. How do I relay this to others when they ask without sounding insensitive or uncaring? Thank you for your advice.

Dear Friend,

My condolences to you! It is hard to lose a friend, but what a comfort to know that he is in heaven. Really when we know a person is a believer, we do not lose them because we know where they are; they just changed their address from earth to heaven. They are now pain-free and happier than we can imagine.

We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord. 2 Corinthians 5:8

Now, about the mask which is coming back into the overall picture again. Some people never stopped wearing them. Do I feel they help? No, I do not, but that is my opinion. I have not studied it all out nor will I. Those who do not know the Lord, masks might be a temporary answer for them. Mask or no mask, that horrible virus hit a lot of people, and many did die.

For the Christian, our answer is Christ and Christ alone. Christians have a big advantage over non-believers regarding Covid and masks: We know that if this virus does take us out, we know WHERE WE ARE GOING! Sadly, non-believers have no idea that they are choosing their destination ‑ hell!

 If someone asks me, I tell them what I feel, but if I am not asked, it is none of my business! Everyone is at a different place with this life. My greater concern is whether they know where they are going after death! So you go forward with the Lord, live what you know to be truth, do what our manual for success tells us, the Bible! Then all will be alright!

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